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An Intro to My Page

Hello fellow bloggers, I was inspired to make this page because I felt it was necessary for me to share my lifting experience with others to either, help them improve or just take some simple tips from me.

What you can expect to see on this site is: my daily or weekly workouts,my eating schedule, my calorie intake, if im trying to lose weight or gain weight, and even my current progress.

On a daily basis I, go to class eat ,go to the gym with my lifting partners, and then study for any tests or quizzes coming up. when I eat on campus i try to keep it as healthy as possible witch is actually a challenge here at UT. A lot of places offer more fried foods than id like consume ,so eating off campus I can really get better healthier options. on my free time I like hanging out with my fraternity brothers, I am a member of TKE. We usually go to get food together, sometimes we play sports and other times we just mess around.
another reason I wanted to start this blog is because the infamous freshman 15 is real. So many kids get to college with a lower activity level than high school and gain a lot of weight. This problem actually happened to me although my friends say it’s no big deal but  I want to personally get back to the shape i was before I started my freshman fall semester.I think that if I lay out the steps to avoid the freshman 15 it can be avoided with ease.

Most people try to get inshore with trendy diets but those do not work and can actually be detrimental to your health. on this site there will be no trends, only methods that i have used myself and that have worked.


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