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Leg Day -Not TFW

Yesterday was Leg day. the longest hardest day of the week and nobodies favorite. leg day is like when you go to crack open a beer and someone shook it so it explodes in your face. The only people who like leg day are either doing cross fit or some monster who sells steroids in the back of the locker room.

Any ways this is what i did on the dreaded leg day:

Squats: i did 12 reps each set, sets of 4. Now I know what your thinking, Spencer how can You squat thats not TFW at all. for ur info TFW is something I made up with my friends Total Frat Workout. Squats are the least fratty exercise that an exercise could be-arms only!!!

then we did deadlifts the same rep scheme because I like repeativness and it wouldn’t be frat if I did some arbitrary number like Linda who trains cross fit every other day.

PS cross fit is not TFW.

Calves. calves are the biceps of the lower body, you always want them to be bigger.we don’t count reps or sets for calves because we want to get huge and pump as much blood into them as possible, just like those bisceps.

After calves it was quads we just used the machine for that because we really have no idea what to do on leg day. Again it was not TFW. We did as many reps as possible for 3 sets and we always rack it out. (Use the whole rack of weights on the machine)

PS if you don’t use any of this lingo your probably a Goober or some a GDI that got dropped rushing second semester to ZBT or somthing.

back to business over here, we did Kyles five minute abs after our beast leg workout

and yes we didn’t do hamstrings


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