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Boulder Shoulders

Shoulder days are like the that one time you finished shotgunning your beer before all your friends. In other words Its dope. Shoulders are by far my favorite muscle to workout, not sure why but I like it better than chest and thats as TFW as it gets right?

Wrong. your so wrong that you sound like your in ZBT or something. pathetic. Any how who, getting big shoulders is a key component of looking huge and getting that v taper your grandma will be so proud of.

Step one: realize where your shoulders are, and that you can actually work them out. you got front delts, rear debts and side debts. you need to deal with them accordingly

Step two: Deal with the delts. we always start off with arnold press, this makes sense for two reasons. one because Arnold has a picture on this site, and two because its a great exercise for your lacking front delts that yes I know there lacking because your on this page.

next you do regular old shoulder press.

after that we do a superset of front raises/ side raises/ rear delt flies

by now your shoulders should feel like they are about to fall off and the Himalayan mountains you where sculpting are going to be lost forever.Fear not. we have more exercises to make sure your TFW to finally rush next semester.

cable raises are next on the list and after that its shrug time.

shrug a lot. Don’t shrug off shrugs. They are important, I mean how else are you gana trap someone if you aint got no traps?


Anyways thats the workout. Stay frat.Stay huge. Get swol.



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